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MusicDish Yaogun is an agency that represents some of China's top and up-and-coming artists that embody the spirit and attitude of Yaogun. Yaogun refers to Chinese rock, which was born mere 30 years ago and has since grown into a movement, melding rock 'n roll with its own unique characteristics and opening a new chapter in the long history of the global genre. From veteran's, Iron Kite of rock's "Golden Age," to the iconic Second Hand Rose and groundbreaking Sino-Franco rock duo Gemini, each reflects a different facet of this unique genre. And because the 'Spirit of Chinese Rock' is not confined to music, we're also signing promising artists/designers such as Zhou Yi's BodyMemory Project.

In 2009, MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay encountered Yaogun on his first trip to Beijing, a scene at the time reminiscent to the 80s rock scene he discovered when he first moved to NYC. Inspired to share this movement with the broader world, he has been working over the past 6 years to launch MusicDish Yaogun, signing one of China's biggest rock bands Second Hand Rose for international management that lead to their first US tour in 2014 and performance at Paleo Festival in 2015.

Meet the Team:


Eric de Fontenay is the founder of music management and media firm MusicDish and subsequently launched the largest music newswire – Mi2N.com. He has spearheaded artist development for over a hundred musicians and bands, culminating in his role as manager for Canadian kaiso group KoboTown whom he signed to prestigious world music label Cumbacha. In 2009, he set his sights on China's music industry, resulting in the launch of the MusicDish*China brand that develops, promotes and tours a growing roster of Western acts in Greater China. In 2011, Eric began coordinating cultural export missions from Taiwan to Paris, Toronto and NYC - serving as an international consultant for Taiwan's Government Information Office. Eric is today the international manager for the mainland China's biggest rock band Second Hand Rose as well as representing Beijing rock veterans Iron Kite and Nu-rock duo Gemini. Eric is a regul ar speaker at major music conferences in North America, Europe and Asia, and he has been quoted in a variety of media from FT China and China Daily to Portugal's DIF magazine. He recently contributed a chapter on China's music industry in the 4th edition of The Future of the Music Business.

Jinming was born in China and now lives in the US. Her experiences in each culture has taught her to serve as a liaison between the two cultures. Over the past year, she booked bands to festivals and organized multi-city tours in China for artists from various countries such as France (Clotilde), Australia (PlanB) and Canada (Eagle I Stallian, Soulier, Jonny Debt, Jessica Stuart Few). The festivals she connected the bands to were: OCT-LOFT, Taihu Music Festival, UNITY Festival, Beijing Music Day, and HitFM Live Festival. 
Jinming was the tour assistant, HongPeiLv(红配绿) fashion campaign model as well as the makeup artist for the Chinese rock band Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰) during their US tour in 2014.


Wesley Kwok is a recent graduate from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business and Management. He has extensive experience performing in the live music scene in China, performing at festivals such as Rock in the Park and Rynostock. His band was featured in magazines such as PlayRock and Unit-E. His love for music led him to Berklee where he graduated with honors. In 2013, he started working as a promoter for live events as well as a marketing lead for a chain of health clubs in greater Boston. He joined the MusicDish team in 2015, helping to build, launch, and develop the MusicDish YaoGun brand.