Wallplay | BodyMemory: Stories

BodyMemory: Stories


Wallplay Shop
312 Bowery
January 26 – 31

Opening reception: January 26th, 6pm

Formed in Beijing and featured throughout Asia, designer and artist Yi Zhou brings the BodyMemory project to Wallplay Shop at 312 Bowery. BodyMemory explores the relationship we have with our bodies through beautifully casted wearable accessories, such as finger necklaces and nose broaches, as well as selected items from a variety of other designers featured at this year’s Bejing Design Week. The BodyMemory: Stories concept shop will showcase selected stories behind the collection, while providing an on-site service in clinic fashion for personally-casted body jewelry.

The concept behind the clinic revolves around the subjects’ “stories” of each BodyMemory patient, and the casted body parts that are transformed into wearable accessories. In pursuing the project, Yi realized that the stories behind why her subjects chose a specific body part for casting, were as interesting as the resulting accessories produced. “A friend told me you can tell a lot about a woman’s vagina by the shape of her lips.” – A young woman who chose to cast her lips for Yi’s BodyMemory collection. Having collected numerous personal stories, Yi will display the most insightful ones, casting a revealing light on how we internalize body image and understanding through a social lense. She will also be presenting her latest work, which is composed of body casts from people living in New York who she encountered during her artist-in-residency at Flux Factory.

Born and raised in Beijing, Yi Zhou is an artist, independent designer and the founder of LittleE Studio. She received her MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Yi work has covered a broad range, including: art, design and fashion. Most of her projects are drawn from daily life, focusing primarily on the interrelation between human interactions and behavior. Yi gathers inspiration from social issues through observation and categorization, transferring those insights and analysis into playful artistic manifestations.