Founded in 1993, Iron Kite is a veteran rock band from the "Golden Era" of Chinese rock. Their unique style and avant-garde approach to music generated a huge response for a whole generation of youth in China, making them a symbol and pioneer of its nascent independent rock scene. In 1995, the band's single "This Summer" (Zhe ge xiatian 这个夏天) swept through the Chinese rock scene, catapulting the band into fame. Now a classic in the Chinese rock lexicon and a representation of the Golden Age of Chinese rosk, "This Summer" has become a staple in Iron Kite's sets, and was also covered by renowned metal band, "Twisted Machine" (扭曲的机器).

Due to their original bass player's death in 2003, Iron Kite went on an extended hiatus, only re-forming in 2012. Shortly after, the band started work on a new album, set to be released in 2016. They frequently appeared at major music festivals such as 迷笛(MIDI festival), 张北草原音乐节(ZhangBei music festival), and 东海音乐节(DongHi music festival). They also made appearances at art spaces and even at the historic rock club, House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Check out Iron Kite perform classic, "This Summer," at MIDI festival 2013: